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Internship Experiences

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Now Seeking Interns for

2024 Summer Camps

Interns will assist with the following:

Educating Youth 
Stage Management
Props & Costumes
Set Design/Construction & Painting
Theatre Administration & Leadership
Technical Design & Operation​

Internships are unpaid, however many area schools will apply school credit from completion of internship with applicable written work.



Internships are part of OFC's Mentorship Program
More Info Below

OFC Creations’ mentorship experience was established to give students an inside look at performing arts elements that make actors shine on stage. Led by OFC professionals, high school and college students will have the opportunity to shadow, learn, and have hands on experiences in costuming, lighting, sound, set construction and painting, spotlight operation, backstage run crew, and more. Mentees are encouraged to try each role to better understand what goes into putting on a show, thus making the mentee a more well-rounded performer, and respecting all theatrical roles.


  • Must have interest in performing arts and be considering a professional career in the field

  • Before committing to a project must carefully examine their availability to attend the times of rehearsals and all performances and address any potential conflicts

  • Preferably ages 16-25 (high school and college), but no younger than 10


Participants in OFC’s Mentorship Experience will:

  • Receive new and improved skills in an area of focus

  • Create photos and examples to include in portfolio and resume

  • Work alongside theatre professionals in a mentor/mentee relationship. In some instances, students will shadow the professional, other times the student will have a chance to be actively involved with hands on opportunities

  • Receive feedback to grow in their craft

  • Be considered students of OFC Creations in their respective field

Mentees are encouraged to speak with their school counselor or representative for potential benefits from their school for participating. Historically schools have been able to give volunteer hours from National Honor Society, scholarship credit for groups like P.I.G, and high school and college credit.

During the mentorship or after completion, mentees may request letter of recommendations from the OFC advisor, office, or supervisor. These letters of recommendations may be used while applying for schools, jobs, and other opportunities.

If, at any point, a mentee has questions or concerns about how their skills and experience in the field are developing they should not hesitate to contact their mentor or other staff member of OFC.

By applying, I understand and agree that:

  • This mentorship does not include compensation, employment benefits, and does not guarantee future employment opportunities at OFC or elsewhere.

  • I must treat everyone with respect and consideration while at OFC.

  • I am expected to follow directions and all policies & guidelines outlined in OFC’s Fun & Safety Plan, which are put in place for the safety and fair treatment of everyone.

  • I must keep language, behavior, and dress appropriate.

  • I understand OFC does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and have 0 tolerance bully policy, and does not tolerate any drinking, smoking, drugs, or PDA at OFC events

2024 Summer Internship Applications Are Now Live!

There are two types of Internships for 2024:
---Theatre Arts Interns
---Production Interns

Production Interns will be required to assist at all performances (Friday nights and all day Saturday) in addition to dress rehearsals on Friday daytime. Production Interns keep camps running through keeping the theatre clean and safe for constant activities. We are not typically taking applications for these internships.

Theatre Arts Internships are open to high school students entering 10th grade through college seniors. These interns will be working with campers on learning songs, dances, and scenes throughout camp. Strong applicants will have leadership and communication skills as well as a passion for the arts. 

OFC summer internships require a 3-week minimum commitment, but the three weeks to not have to be consecutive.

Interviews will be held in May. Please wait for us to contact you.

Interns will be needed between in July and August

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