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Advertising and Sponsorship

Rochester is quickly growing and changing, one of your largest challenges is getting a return on your marketing dollars. Through our creative approach, OFC can get you and your business center stage and in front of the perfect audience – we have the experience to help.


Can you think of another publication that is passed out into the hands of hundreds of individuals almost every weekend? When you advertise with OFC your ad not only goes to those looking to support the arts and entertainment industry, but also to many who keep their programs as mementos for years to come. That means your advertisement could be seen by multiple generations!

Looking to make even a BIGGER splash? Consider sponsoring an OFC show or season! Our team will create a custom package that works for you and your business to not only bring you new customers and clients, but bring you the recognition you deserve in the community. Celebrate, promote, and become part of our family.

OFC Creations LLC’ Upcoming Series includes something for everyone! By placing your advertisement with OFC or sponsoring one of our programs, you are guaranteed to reach audiences across Rochester through monthly printed programs at performances and events.

OFC_ProgramSpecs (1)-1.jpg

“Let’s get your business center stage and in front of an audience!”

Advertising and Sponsorship rates vary based on elements such as size, placement, and frequency.  Think about your audience and who you are trying to reach, we guarantee they are somewhere in our theatre. Now, our job is to find them and connect them with YOU! Please note: OFC cannot offer tax deductible receipts for purchases, however check with your accountant as some transactions may fall under advertising and marketing.


Courtney Schutt

Operations Manager

585-667-0954 ext 3

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