September Intensive for Pre-Professional Teens:

Bare: A Pop Opera
Open to students ages 14 to 18

Rehearsals September 7-26, 2021; Auditions held in June before registering.


This production is for Pre-Professional Teens for our September Intensive of Bare: A Pop Opera. Students should be between the ages of 14-18.

Unlike other programs, participants must audition before registering for the program. Not everyone who auditions will be cast in the production. There will be a tuition fee ($325) for those who are cast.
Auditions are on Tuesday, June 15th in the afternoon and evening. Auditions are held by appointment only by signing up below (pick a time slot). Please prepare a one-minute cut from any contemporary musical theatre song in the style of the song. As an accompanist will not be provided, please bring an accompaniment audio track (from YouTube is fine) on your phone or other device.
A small fee of $25 will be charged when choosing an audition slot. If you are cast in the production, the fee will be applied towards the $325 tuition. If you are not cast in the production, the fee will be refunded to you. If you cancel your audition slot or do not show up for auditions, the $25 will not be refunded and not applied to other programs.

Auditioners will have the chance to notate roles they are interested in playing and roles they would prefer not to play on their audition forms.

The production will act as a fundraiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.


Rehearsals & Performances:
9/7, 9/8, 9/9 – 6-9PM
9/11 – 9AM-2PM
9/12 – 10AM-2PM
9/14, 9/15, 9/16 – 6PM-9PM
9/18 – 9AM-2PM
9/19 – 4PM-10PM
9/20, 9/21, 9/22, 9/23 – 5PM-10PM (dress rehearsals)
Friday, Sept 24 – 7:30PM (performance)
Saturday, Sept 25 – 2PM & 7:30PM (performances)
Sunday, Sept 26 – 2PM (performance)
Rehearsals and performances at the OFC Creations Theatre Center

Director: Eric Vaughn Johnson
Vocal Director: Hunter Ekberg
Choreographer: Alexandria Ireijo
Tuition (after auditions): $325.00

A group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school face issues of sexuality and personal identity. As the students struggle to come to terms with who they are, and who the world thinks they should be, they seek answers from their Church, their friends, and ultimately, from within themselves. The story follows Peter and his hidden relationship with his boarding school roommate, Jason. While Peter wishes to share their relationship with the world (and his mother), Jason is set on keeping their life secret and to remain one of the popular jocks of the school. With pressure from Nadia (Jason’s sister who throws her weight around), Ivy (Nadia’s mean girl misunderstood roommate who falls in love with Jason), Matt (who falls in love with Ivy, and outs Peter and Jason’s relationship), and the church’s priest and sassy nun, Sister Chantelle, the story comes to a tragic end with a message of hope for the next generation to love and accept one another. Bare: A Pop Opera features a rich, vibrant score, as the entire show is sung through, with draws on many styles of contemporary music.

The production will act as a fundraiser for Broadway Cares / Equity Fights AIDS.


Please note: This show contains serious and mature PG-13 material.
Please note: The three adult characters possibly could be played by teen students or by professional adult actors (contact us for details).

Please note: Students may participate in multiple classes and programs with OFC at the same time. Contact us for clarification on any potential schedule overlap.

Regarding safety precautions: We are hopeful that we’ll be fully “back to normal” by these fall programs. We will keep students posted as we get closer, safety is our top priority, but as soon as we get the green light for programs to be fully “normal” again, we won’t skip a beat!

About OFC’s *NEW* Pre-Professional Teen Performers
OFC’s Pre-Professional Teen Performers program is geared towards students considering a future career in the performing arts. Pre-Professional programs are typically “intensives” where the show is auditioned, rehearsed, and performed in a short time period (one week for camps, one month for school year). These are full Broadway or off-Broadway length shows with difficult material, and oftentimes are shows with smaller casts with a limited or no ensemble. Some Pre-Professional Teen programs will require students to audition before registering, noting that some students will not be cast in the production, while other Pre-Professional Teen programs will require students to register first, like our traditional programs (see each program’s details for specifics). Regardless, those auditioning and registering for Pre-Professional Teen programs should be prepared to commit themselves to a rigorous rehearsal process with the expectation of work being done at home and outside of the rehearsal room.  Directors of the Pre-Professional Teen programs assume those participating want to be performing professionally after high school and will be pushed accordingly, to their fullest potential. Directors hope to bring a glimpse into the professional rehearsal process to prepare students for college, community, and NYC/LA mirrored opportunities. Rehearsals are adjusted based on the needs of the show. By dress rehearsals, costumes, set pieces, and props will be added to enhance the production which will be open and advertised to the public. It is encouraged that all participants not only have previous theatre experience but are also striving towards performing professionally as a career. Pre-Professional Teens are also encouraged to intern on OFC’s Elementary/Middle School programs for the most well-rounded theatre experience learning the behind-the-scenes theatre elements.

Student Cabaret Night: Summer 2021

Auditions will be held in person on Sunday, June 13th. Please select an audition time slot in the link below.


Rehearsals: Thursday, July 29 from 4PM-7PM; Friday, July 30 from 4-7PM; Saturday, July 31 from 9AM-12PM

Dress Rehearsal: Sunday, August 1 from 4:15PM-7PM Performance on Saturday, April 1st at 7:30PM at the OFC Creations Theatre Center


Directed by Alex Ireijo

Tuition: No cost!

Student Cabaret Night was a huge hit this winter and spring when we premiered and workshopped the idea with a select group of students. We are now expanding the program to run a Student Cabaret Night each season (every 3 months). There is no cost to participate, however there will be a cost for tickets for parents, friends, and family to attend the performance. Unlike the past two cabarets, the summer cabaret will be run as an intensive over one 4-day period, rather than spread out over weeks. Students will perform solos, duets, and more in the cabaret. Song selections will be sent to those performing early July to give adequate time to prepare and memorize before rehearsals begin.

We are looking for students who are self motivated and have performed in the past and are "bound for Broadway!" We encourage all ages to apply (as young as 7 to 18). Please note we can only accept a limited number of students, not all who audition will be cast in the cabaret. For the auditions, students should prepare a short 32-bar (30sec-1min) musical theatre song and bring accompaniment MP3 recording (not sheet music). We will have a speaker to play your music from.