Teen Auditions "The Diary of Anne Frank"

The Diary of Anne Frank is a straight play, not a musical. Unlike other programs, participants must audition before registering for the program. Not everyone who auditions will be cast in the production. There will be a tuition fee for those who are cast, every role has lines in the show.


Auditions are on Wednesday, March 31st in the evening. Auditions are held by appointment only by signing up below (pick a time slot). Please prepare a short 1-minute dramatic monologue (does not need to be memorized) and be prepared to cold read scenes. Auditioners should be between the ages of 12-18.


Rehearsals are as followed:

Saturday, May 8 - 10AM-1PM

Sunday, May 9 - 6PM-9PM

Wednesday, May 12 - 6PM-9PM

Saturday, May 15 - 10AM-1PM

Sunday, May 16 - 6PM-9PM

Wednesday, May 19 -  6PM-9PM

Saturday, May 22 - 10AM-1PM

Sunday, May 23 - 2PM-5PM

Wednesday, May 26 - 6PM-9PM

Saturday, May 29 - 10AM-1PM

Sunday, May 30 - 6PM-9PM

Wednesday, June 2 -  6PM-9PM

Saturday, June 5 - 10AM-1PM

Sunday, June 6 - 6PM-9PM


Dress Rehearsals: Monday, June 7 from 5PM-9PM; Tuesday, June 8 from 5PM-9PM; Wednesday, June 9 from 5PM-9PM

The program does not conflict with SpongeBob, and minimal overlap with Little Shop of Horrors.

Performances Thursday, June 10 at 7PM and Saturday, June 12 at 7PM at the OFC Creations Theatre Center

Tuition: $280 after auditions, if cast.

Director: Brianna Ross


In this transcendently powerful new adaptation by Wendy Kesselman, Anne Frank emerges from history a living, lyrical, intensely gifted young girl, who confronts her rapidly changing life and the increasing horror of her time with astonishing honesty, wit, and determination. An impassioned drama about the lives of eight people hiding from the Nazis in a concealed storage attic, THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK captures the claustrophobic realities of their daily existence—their fear, their hope, their laughter, their grief. Each day of these two dark years, Anne’s voice shines through: “When I write I shake off all my cares. But I want to achieve more than that. I want to be useful and bring enjoyment to all people, even those I’ve never met. I want to go on living even after my death!” This is a new adaptation for a new generation.


“Undeniably moving. It shatters the heart. The evening never lets us forget the inhuman darkness waiting to claim its incandescently human heroine.” —NY Times. “An extraordinary theatrical adventure! Go and remember.” —NY Post. “…new DIARY is chillingly honest about the Holocaust. Wendy Kesselman’s work has restored the terror.” —NY Daily News. “Wendy Kesselman’s finely textured new DIARY tells a deeper story. A sensitive, stirring and thoroughly engaging new adaptation.” —NY Newsday. “A powerful new version that moves the audience to gasp, then tears.” —Associated Press. “One of the year’s ten best.” —Time Magazine

Safety precautions will be followed as outlined in our Fun & Safety Plan with a cast of 10-13 performers, with potential double casting. All roles are expected to have lines in the show.


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