OFC Creations is currently running a seat campaign for the Center. The seats are $250 each, which covers the manufacturing and installation costs and ensures the success and sustainability for the new Center. 

Although the center has already opened, we are still looking for individuals and businesses to sponsor seats! Each seat will have a plaque attached indicating who made the seat possible. OFC is seeking those in our community who believe in OFC’s vision to be part of this exciting endeavor! Your support will allow thousands of audience members to experience theatre performed by aspiring theatre students, adult professionals from our community, and out-of-town nationally-known entertainers. 

Purchasing a seat is available online through the link below.


We are SO thrilled to have opened the brand-new OFC Creations Theatre Center just in time for summer camps! However, we want the performers and campers to have a professional and beautiful space to use during rehearsals and performances!


We've finished Phase 1 of renovations for the Dressing Room and Green Room space which got the former kitchen equipment out, walls painted, new carpets, and temporary furniture. However, we need help to finish Phase 2! Roughly $12,000 is needed to bring the room to the professional level we envision for our performers!


Phase 2 of renovations includes counters, mirrors, vanity lights, hanging ceiling lights, new wall artwork, and new furniture for cast members to sit.

We will be listing all names of those who supported the project on a plaque proudly displayed inside the finished room.

Less than $200 left to raise! Every contribution helps get us to
our goal!


While OFC’s new theatre has been open for only three months, we need additional space for the overwhelming number of students and community groups who have found comfort in our new home.


Beginning this fall, OFC will start renovations of a brand new 1,000 square foot dance studio above the green room. The dance studio will be a multipurpose room for rehearsals, classes, meetings, and a secondary space for students to change costumes during showtime.

Thousands of students will utilize this new studio to rehearse and grow their performing arts skills, all while watching themselves in the new dance studio mirrors. Instructors and directors will continue to push our artists to reflect on their performance both on and off stage, to create the next generation of triple threat performers, and individuals who make a difference in our everchanging world.

OFC Creations’ “Reflections of Us Campaign” is a fundraiser to complete renovations on the Green Room and Dressing Room as well as our brand-new Dance Studio.

For $75 individuals, families, or businesses can purchase naming rights for a mirror in the Green Room and Dressing Room. Naming rights for a mirror in our dance studio can be purchased for $125.

On each mirror a small plaque will be installed stating “The _________ Family Made This Mirror Possible” for thousands of emerging artists as well as professional artists to grow in their craft.

Reflect with us and join OFC as we continue to grow our community!


OFC Creations Theatre Center will name one of its remarkable spaces after you, your business, or in memory of a family member. See the list below to learn more about the current space options for naming opportunity throughout The Center. By naming one of the spaces below, a custom engraved plaque or bold, block letter display above the space of your choice will be installed indicating who made the space possible

  • Main Stage

  • Lobby and Lounge

  • Bar

  • Drinking Fountain

  • Main Office

  • Wardrobe Closet

  • ADA Accessible Bathrooms (2)

Contact us for details on availability and cost

No goods will be provided in consideration of supporting OFC Creations Theatre Center, LLC. Each supporter or company will be recognized and acknowledged publicly on a plaque in the Center unless indicated. OFC’s Fundraising Campaigns are not tax deductible, but instead is supporting future generations of theatre students and performances for the Rochester community. Purchasing a plaque does not include performance tickets and does not guarantee seating in chairs with their engraved plaque when attending performances.


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