We believe performing arts can be safe AND fun!

We are envisioning OFC Creations in a way that allows us to continue providing an impactful and creative outlet for your talented children. 

First and foremost, we want you to know we are looking out for your children and want to keep them safe. However... we know that performing should be fun!

We know your visit this school year will be different. But together, we can find new ways to enjoy inspiring moments and create memories to last a lifetime.

Please see our full response to COVID-19 along with our plan for keeping students and staff safe this school year by clicking the link below.


  • New from NYS: Effective March 26th, INDOOR FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS can start having public performances with 25% capacity. At OFC Creations this would be 68 people in the audience. We may be able to get creative with additional people on stage, in the lobby, in the greenroom/dance studio etc as those are separately rated. We are waiting on further guidance. In the meantime, programs will continue as previously indicated.

  • An updated Fun and Safety Plan for our winter session was published on November 24, 2020

  • Key changes include increasing group sizes for our main programs to 15-20 students per group. Currently this only is applicable to show-based programs. However, the Pint Sized Programs, Theatrical Rainbow, and classes through our Dance Academy will stay at 15 students per group.

  • Please note, masks are being worn 99% of the time in rehearsals. Masks are only taken off for staggered socially distant water breaks etc. Performances may be handled slightly differently

  • Regarding summer 2021, we are hoping life will be back to normal with big sets, costumes, and audiences. However, based on last summer we know there is a way to run camps no matter where we are with the pandemic. We will keep you posted on when we get closer on what version of our Fun and Safety Plan we will be using.

  • We're proud to share that in summer 2020 we had over 500 campers with us and over 400 students with us this fall with NO covid-related issues! We know there is a safe way to continue with the arts and we will continue to insist on safe practices while attending programs at OFC

  • We are super excited to share that the OFC Creations Theatre Center is now equipped with HEPA filters to help battle the spread of COVID-19!

  • The fun and safety plan can be updated and changed at any time! As NYS gives us more guidance, we will share it with you! We expect another update to come around March/April.

  • If you have special requests for friends to be in the same "group" please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to the program beginning!


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