We believe performing arts can be safe AND fun!

We are envisioning OFC Creations in a way that allows us to continue providing an impactful and creative outlet for your talented children, adult actors, and loyal audience.

We are looking forward to you joining us as we journey "back to normal" as quickly as possible... while staying safe in the process.

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Current Policies

GOOD NEWS! New York State recently announced live public theatre events can reopen and our team wasted no time getting right back to performing! Although OFC Creations LLC has been open and running educational programs since July of 2020, the beginning of April 2021 marked our ability to welcome back in-person public audiences!

EFFECTIVE: April 1, 2022
From day one of the pandemic, OFC Creations has followed NYS and CDC guidelines strictly while finding ways for "the show to go on." Our team has been committed to allowing students to perform and audiences attend events while keeping them safe throughout the process.

OFC Creations has also been committed to "getting back to normal as quickly as possible," as soon as we received the green-light, we would switch gears and allow everyone a sense of normalcy.

With NYS and the CDC easing restrictions on masking, and now that many local public schools are not requiring masks, we are changing our policies to the following effective immediately:

OFC will be mask optional for students, performers, and audience members.

Please check back here for updates. Performances are still at 100% capacity, and all seats may be sold for certain events. Other OFC programs or external programs held at OFC may have differing policies, please follow guidelines provided by the respective program leader.

 By attending an OFC event you agree to our Liability Waiver, see below.

If you are interested in specific seats being reserved for you for a general admission show there is a $20 per seat charge for them to be held for your party. Please contact us if interested.

See you at the theatre!