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OFC's Broadway in Brighton Series Presents

Dance Mums: The Parody Musical

Written by Eric Vaughn Johnson



Performances September 14-24, 2023 at the OFC Creations Theatre Center Main Stage; Appropriate for ages 16 & up​

World Premiere! From the team who brought you the sold-out runs of The Golden Girls Musical, A Golden Girls Christmas Carol, and Hocus Pocus The Drag Parody Musical, comes a brand-new outrageous parody show!

A group of entitled glamor-moms have made their local dance school a second home for their daughters, arguing that each daughter will be the next big star. Under the direction of their cranky and extremely opinionated dance teacher, Babby Bee, the kids (and their moms) are put to the test through their daily rehearsals and weekly competitions to determine who will be on top of the pyramid.  


In this “lost” musical episode, Babby Bee rehearses a brand-new controversial routine to be performed at the biggest competition in New York City. The stakes are high as their arch nemesis, the Caramel Apples, will also be in attendance. 


After a dramatic turn of events on the bus ride to the competition, only Babby Bee can save the day and lead the girls to victory through song, sequins, and of course dance!​


"Was hands down one of the funniest shows I've ever seen"

"If you want to have a good time and laugh, this is the show to go to!"

"3 Guys Named Moe used to be my favorite, not any more!!!"

"This show was fantastic!"

"Those 'moms' handled walking and dancing in high heels better than a lot of women I know!!!"


Audiences will be ‘living on the dance floor’ as well as rolling in the aisles as Babby Bee and her parade of moms shave off their five o’clock shadow, slip on their heels, and begin to brawl in this outrageous and out of control musical. Featuring parody tunes based on hits from the biggest divas of all time including Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Elton John, Billy Joel, and Michael Jackson, who knows what might ensue – we might even make you the next star!


VIP Tickets include priority seating as well as an official dance mums pin in the style of the show to take home.  Please note that this production contains mature content, including strong language and themes. Written and directed by Eric Vaughn Johnson, featuring a cast of professional performers.


Weekend #1: Thursday, September 14 at 7:30PM; Friday, September 15 at 7:30PM; Saturday, September 16 at 2PM; Saturday, September 16 at 7:30PM; Sunday, September 17 at 2PM;

Weekend #2: Thursday, September 21 at 7:30PM; Friday, September 22 at 7:30PM; Saturday, September 23 at 2PM; Saturday, September 23 at 7:30PM; Sunday, September 24 at 2PM 

Season subscriptions include a 15% discount on tickets along with numerous other benefits.

Cast Announcement.jpg

Meet the Cast!

Babby Bee: Nino Ruggeri

Marissa: Joshua Gleason

Misty: Eric Schutt

Shelly: Dillon Nowatchik

Dr. Molly: Jeremy Lloyd

Phyl: Michael King

Caramel Apple Cathy: Ben Reiner

Patty: Liv Reina

McCaeli: Jemma Coon

Zoey: Genevieve Prinsen

Mia: Jessica Post

Sage: Cora Palanski

Crystal: Keira Fallon

Understudy: Viveka Frisk

Starring Nino Ruggeri as Babby Bee!

Nino Ruggeri is thrilled to be “living on the dance floor” for the first time at OFC Creations Theatre Center! Nino (a.k.a. Connie De LaMangia) has been seen in drag in productions such as Housewives of Secaucus (Laugh Out Loud Productions) and Here I Am (Kai Amore Productions). Other regional credits include Godspell (The Milton Theatre), Happy Days (Arizona Broadway Theatre), White Christmas (New Bedford Festival Theatre), and Sh-Boom! Life Could Be A Dream (Ocean City Theatre Company). He is a graduate of Emerson College (BFA Musical Theatre). He sends love to his family and friends! @theninoruggeri /

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