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2023-2024 Classes & Programs

OFC Creations' 2023-2024 Student Performers Series has something for performers of all ages! From new one-month intensives, more pint sized performer classes and break camps, and countless opportunities to take the stage - this is going to be a memorable season not to be missed! All school year programs are held at the OFC Creations Theatre Center (3450 Winton Place, Roch NY 14623) unless otherwise noted. New registrations for OFC programs as of July 1st, 2020 are nonrefundable and nontransferable. 

As soon as you register, you are automatically in the show. Auditions are held on the first day of the program (where applicable).

OFC's staff is committed to supporting all students being themselves. We recognize all students are in different places with figuring out how they fit into the world and we are open and ready to support them in any way we can. OFC is a safe place for all students with a strict no bullying policy.

Please note: As of July 2020 OFC's policies and procedures were updated to "no refunds or transfers on all sales," including but not limited to tuition, deposits, tickets. A small processing fee applies to all class and camp registrations as well as tickets. Please view our full refund policy by CLICKING HERE


Parents can now stay on site during classes and rehearsals at OFC's The Old Farm Cafe! Open until 6:30PM throughout the week, families can relax in our new cafe while students perfects their theatre skills! 


Audition Prep

Roc Summer Audition Prep Workshops

Monday, June 17

5:30PM-7PM - Kids 7-12

7PM-8:30PM - Teens 13-18


Sunday, June 30 

11AM-12:30PM - Kids 7-12

12:30PM-2PM - Teens 13-18


Thursday, July 11 

6PM-7:30PM - Ages 7-13


Thursday, July 18 

6PM-7:30PM - Ages 7-13

Instructor: Hadley Strelau
$25 per student
at the OFC Creations Theatre Center (3450 Winton Place)

Shake off those audition nerves and let’s get confident! This workshop focuses on every element of your performance from walking into the room, introductions, song delivery, and more! We will focus on performance delivery not only from the vocal perspective, but as a musical theatre triple threat. Instructors will bring example songs that could be used in an audition. Review the “dos” and “donts” of auditioning while having a blast at the same time! Students will perform while receiving positive and constructive feedback from the instructor and class. No need to prepare anything in advance, the structure will be very similar to how auditions will be run for OFC’s summer camps.


Questions on scholarship opportunities? Please CLICK HERE​

New registrations for OFC programs as of July 1st, 2020 are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Please view our full refund policy by CLICKING HERE

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